[Catalyst] Question about Chained Controller

Charlie Garrison garrison at zeta.org.au
Mon Nov 15 22:40:14 GMT 2010

Good morning,

On 15/11/10 at 2:53 PM -0200, Eden Cardim <edencardim at gmail.com> wrote:

>>>>>> "Charlie" == Charlie Garrison <garrison at zeta.org.au> writes:
>Charlie> I've never bothered to find out why, but I've run into
>Charlie> situations where $c->user_exists returns true and $c->user
>Charlie> returns false. I just check for defined($c->user) instead
>Charlie> and that solved it for me.
>Probably a mangled session?

Could be. I found a problem with my browser changing session 
cookie value to old/expired value after two requests. The 
user_exists problem was probably before I finally debugged the 
browser problem. FYI, the browser (OmniWeb) devs have 
acknowledged my bug report but have been unable to reproduce the 
problem (& fix it).

>Charlie> I also agree with other users that auto is a better place
>Charlie> to do that check.
>Chaining is a lot more powerful because it allows you to distribute
>responsibilities hierarchically throughout several actions:

I use a :AuthRequired method attribute and check for that in 
auto method. Is there anything inherently wrong with that 
method? I got the technique from someone on this list a while back.


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