[Catalyst] Question about Chained Controller

Ben van Staveren benvanstaveren at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 17:28:30 GMT 2010

>     Charlie> I use a :AuthRequired method attribute and check for that
>     Charlie> in auto method. Is there anything inherently wrong with
>     Charlie> that method? I got the technique from someone on this list
>     Charlie> a while back.
> When your requirements pile up, auto is going to become a big block of
> monolithic code, and your methods are going to have enormous sequences of
> attributes. Plus, I find it more logical to have the checking code
> closer to where it's required, as opposed to having to maintain the
> attributes scattered around the app then locate and edit the related
> code in auto.
Depending on how much of your app is authentication-protected, you could 
reverse the idea; auth is checked unless an attribute :NoAuth is set. I 
found that if you have a Root controller that contains an index method 
that forwards to the proper place, a default method that generates your 
404 or forwards, and an auto method that deals with the "global" setup, 
things make a bit more sense. Optionally you can always put all your 
auth bits in one module, and use it from the Root controller and use the 
auto in Root to run your module against the current request and give the 

Many ways to prevent your Root controller from becoming one bigass piece 
of spaghetti :)

Just my 2 cents

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