[Catalyst] What text editor to use?

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I have been using Komodo for years and its the best Perl editor I have found. Not just perl it understands everything I have thrown at it and has a lot of perl specific features. It also integrates into various source control management systems like svn, p4, git, etc. The only thing is that its not free but to me its well worth the money. Oh yeah and its cross platform. Aside from having to pay for the full version of the editor I cant think of a reason not to use it from a technical or feature perspective. 

List of a few features I find most useful
- Visual Source code browser with list of funtions in heirarchy in all open files
- Embedded perl/python/php/ruby interperter
- Debug perl/python/php/ruby with break points and full inspection of variables
- Remote debugging of perl applications
- Regex Toolkit for quick regex development or quick extraction/cleanup of data
- Import various JavaScript libraries like jquery and get auto complete and prototypes of functions
- Visual notification of source control files that may be out of sync with depot

The only downside I have noticed is in certian situations its really slow on linux boxes when switching tabs when many tabs are open but that problem has slowly been getting better with the newer releases.

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  What's a good text editor to use for Catalyst/TT development?

The editor I really like for C++ doesn't handle XML well.  I've been using "Notepad++" for
windows, but the syntax highlighting doesn't understand mixing TT inside the base
language, and it has tabs only instead of multiple visible windows.

I would entertain both Windows and Linux solutions.


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