[Catalyst] Catalyst::Plugin::AutoCRUD example not working?

Oliver Gorwits oliver at cpan.org
Fri Oct 7 10:16:42 GMT 2011

> AutoCRUD is definitely maintained, and generally works very well.
> 'No sources defined' sounds to me like possibly your AutoCRUD config is
> wrong... I can't read the demo from here though, so can't help with
> specific advice, sorry.

I released a new beta of AutoCRUD a couple of days ago, but it seems
metacpan.org doesn't scream "DEVELOPMENT RELEASE" at the user in the same
way search.cpan.org does - so I'm sorry if some users innocently
downloaded the 2.x TRIAL version, instead of the 1.x stable release.

The OP is probably quite right - AutoCRUD's demo app mightn't work, as
I've focused on getting the 1.x test suite to pass under 2.x (which it
does :-). AutoCRUD is developed on the shifting sands of many other
modules, and it may also be that changes elsewhere need to be handled.

If anyone wants to try the 2.x release of AutoCRUD - please do! There are
many new and oft-requested features now in place, including:

  * Support for both composite and compound primary keys
  * Tables can have multiple relations to the same table
  * Tables can have relations to themselves
  * Can set filters on has_many and many_to_many type relations
  * URI query string can pre-set filter(s): cpac_filter.$col=$val
  * Support for tables with no primary key (possibly read-only)
  * Support for columns with names that are not Perl identifiers
  * Support for Views (in DBIx::Class, both virtual and non-virtual)
  * DBIx::Class proxy columns are displayed and can be edited
  * Support custom accessor names on DBIx::Class columns
  * Auto-increment columns are not displayed on the Add/Edit form

The guts have also been rewritten to decouple from DBIx::Class, and hence
support other table/column-like storage backends. What remains is for me
to document the API so that this can be used.

p.s. if you do encounter an issue - by all means try this mail list but
also raise a ticket at rt.cpan.org as then I will keep track of it, and be
more likely to take a look on a rainy Sunday afternoon :-)


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