[Catalyst] Delays in Explorer connections via Catalyst

Vladimir Timofeev vovkasm at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 17:49:54 GMT 2012


2012/3/18 will trillich <will.trillich at serensoft.com>:
> Catalistas -- got an odd Explorer puzzle for you...
> Short version:
> We're noticing that Explorer often seems to "hang" for a minute or so on
> ajax/XHR requests. I suspect it's an open connection where Explorer is
> waiting for something -- either more data, or maybe a 'close' event? Is
> there a way to force the output to flush or to close?


> Is this a flush/open-connection issue? If not, what Explorer-savvy
> diagnostic tools are available to narrow this down?

You can install wireshark ( http://www.wireshark.org/ ) and see the
real queries and the time they were made. And in case it is really a
catalyst issue, you will at least have all query data to test without

Vladimir Timofeev <vovkasm at gmail.com>

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