[Catalyst] Backlog for proposed changes in next Catalyst release

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>On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 9:24 AM, John Napiorkowski <jjn1056 at yahoo.com> wrot=
>>There was a discussion about this on #catalyst-dev and in general people =
seem to think its ok.
>>Bill, are you up to giving the work a try? =A0I'd be happy to mentor you.=
 =A0I don't think its killer work, but would really help
>I would like to give it a try, yes. =A0I'm just not sure when. =A0I guess =
there's no rush since there's a plugin. =A0 I was just thinking it would be=
 wise to make it a standard part of the framework since it's something that=
 every app probably should to, but easy to ignore or get wrong.
>Bill, I think there's general agreement that the plugin is stable enough a=
nd right enough that it should represent core behavior. =A0Although one of =
Catalyst's strengths has been to be un-opinionated and leave stuff to exter=
nal distributions when possible, I think this does fall under the 'all good=
 apps should work this way'. =A0I've tentatively pegged it for the March Ca=
talyst release, since it seems pretty straightforward, at least for now. =
=A0If you think you can fit it in (or talk your boss/clients/whatever into =
paying for your time) please give a shout out. =A0It would be great to see =
more people get to know Catalyst internals a bit, otherwise I don't really =
see how we are going to be able to move the platform forward.

>I wonder what percent of Catalyst apps make use of that plugin.
>=A0Not sure, but I think the play-perl ticket has a good way to not break =
most people's code

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>Bill Moseley
>moseley at hank.org =

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