Dist::Zilla and Catalyst (Was: [Catalyst] Using the Catalyst Makefile to install

Greg Matheson drbean at freeshell.org
Sat Mar 9 02:36:11 GMT 2013

On Fri, 08 Mar 2013, Bill Moseley wrote:

> A bit off the topic, but I've been using Dist::Zilla to help package
> Catalyst apps.   My favorite features are auto versioning, managing the
> Changes file, and automatic dependency creation.  And, of course, having a
> custom PluginBundle that centralizes how we build distributions.   Perhaps
> not for everyone, but worth a look.  Check out the Dist::Zilla::Plugins on

> But the end result is still just a normal Perl module.   All our modules
> (Catalyst and others) use Dist::Zilla now.

> I have a Dist::Zilla::Plugin::CatalystFiles that helps build the dist and
> builds a custom Makefile.PL.

That appears to be a different module than the 
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Catalyst on CPAN.


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