[Catalyst] Using the Catalyst Makefile to install

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Sun Mar 10 20:20:42 GMT 2013

On 8 Mar 2013, at 04:57, Francisco Obispo <fobispo at isc.org> wrote:

> They are installed by default under the lib/ directory, I'm not a big fan of that setup,

Nobody is a big fan of this setup.

This pre-dates Module::ShareDir.

If someone was to fix things such that new applications installed their stuff to the correct Module::ShareDir location, and we (i.e. Runtime) fell back to looking under lib/ also (for compat with older applications which hadn't been re-installed), then this would get a ++ from me!

I don't think the involved (code) changes are actually particularly hard, just nobody has hated it quite enough to fix it.

> so what we usually do (in debian), we setup a custom package that does the magic that we need, including the nginx setup, etc.

I assume you're using 'we' to mean the debian perl team, so I'm cling y'all in, sorry!

If debian have a standard way of making this less retarded, then we'd entirely love to evaluate that as a downstream patch / thing we can work together to fix.

Exactly where do you relocate things and how does it fit into the toolchain (i.e. does this fit to what File::ShareDir does, and if not - why not?)


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