[Catalyst] Advent Calendar... Grant proposal...

Denny 2015 at denny.me
Sun Jan 18 23:49:55 GMT 2015

Hi Jens,

On Sun, 2015-01-18 at 20:16 +0100, Jens Gassmann wrote:
> i'm currently building a catalyst-based CMS - it is fully working, but 
> needs some help to make it open source and add some more features.
> For those who are interested in, i will gave a online presentation. 
> Please contact me if you like to contribute!

I'm the main author of ShinyCMS*, which is also an open source
Catalyst-based CMS with a variety of features (pages, blogs, shop,
forums, mailshots, etc etc).  I'd love to learn more about your CMS and
see if there are any useful ways we can work together, maybe even re-use
some of each other's code!  :)


* http://shinycms.org  /  https://github.com/denny/ShinyCMS 

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