[Catalyst] An MVC logic separation conundrum

Chris Welch welch.chris at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 19:03:45 GMT 2016


This is more of a general MVC question, but hopefully it's okay to ask in

I've set up a model to generate data in iCal format (see my previous thread
and thanks for the responses on that), but it has thrown up an interesting
general logic separation question that I don't know the answer to.

By way of an example, I'm generating iCal events for a data table called
team_matches (DBIx::Class model name TeamMatch).  I was hoping, as would
seem to be the cleanest way to do it, to have a result class "helper"
method, such that on each match object I could call something like:
$match->generate_ical_data, which would generate a hashref of calendar
values to be passed through to my MyApp::Model::ICal module that will
generate the actual data.  The problem with this is that certain properties
require access to the Catalyst application: for example, there's a uri
property, the value for which will need to be generated by
$c->uri_for_action and since this particular application has the ability to
be multi-language (via CatalstX::I18N) the description value needs to be
generated by $c->maketext.

All of this brings up a quandary: there are only two ways around this that
I can see:
  * Pass $c into the $match->generate_ical_data method (which I know is
STRONGLY discouraged and very very bad).
  * Generate the hashref in the controller (which potentially makes for a
'fatter' controller than you ideally want and I'm trying to stick to the
ideals here).

I'm guessing the preference of the above options should really be the
latter (which is what I'm currently doing in the interim), but I am hoping
that there's a super-clever way that I've not thought of that someone can
tell me I've completely overlooked?

Thank you in advance.

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