[Catalyst] An MVC logic separation conundrum

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Wed Mar 9 22:11:34 GMT 2016

The best option is to keep the concerns separated.  Models should always take 
their inputs via explicit arguments for a Model-specific API, and they should 
not have any knowledge of or direct access to a Controller.  If this means you 
have to bundle up a larger amount of data in the Controller so the data passage 
is clean, so be it, that is the lesser evil. -- Darren Duncan

On 2016-03-09 11:03 AM, Chris Welch wrote:
> Hi
> This is more of a general MVC question, but hopefully it's okay to ask in here.
> I've set up a model to generate data in iCal format (see my previous thread and
> thanks for the responses on that), but it has thrown up an interesting general
> logic separation question that I don't know the answer to.
> By way of an example, I'm generating iCal events for a data table called
> team_matches (DBIx::Class model name TeamMatch).  I was hoping, as would seem to
> be the cleanest way to do it, to have a result class "helper" method, such that
> on each match object I could call something like: $match->generate_ical_data,
> which would generate a hashref of calendar values to be passed through to my
> MyApp::Model::ICal module that will generate the actual data.  The problem with
> this is that certain properties require access to the Catalyst application: for
> example, there's a uri property, the value for which will need to be generated
> by $c->uri_for_action and since this particular application has the ability to
> be multi-language (via CatalstX::I18N) the description value needs to be
> generated by $c->maketext.
> All of this brings up a quandary: there are only two ways around this that I can
> see:
>    * Pass $c into the $match->generate_ical_data method (which I know is
> STRONGLY discouraged and very very bad).
>    * Generate the hashref in the controller (which potentially makes for a
> 'fatter' controller than you ideally want and I'm trying to stick to the ideals
> here).
> I'm guessing the preference of the above options should really be the latter
> (which is what I'm currently doing in the interim), but I am hoping that there's
> a super-clever way that I've not thought of that someone can tell me I've
> completely overlooked?
> Thank you in advance.
> Chris

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