[CiderWebmail] How to configure session store (or ciderwebmail in general)

Nikolaus Rath Nikolaus at rath.org
Wed Sep 11 04:07:52 GMT 2013

On 09/10/2013 09:24 AM, Mathias Reitinger wrote:
> Hi,
> On 09 Sep, Nikolaus Rath wrote:
>>  - Why isn't there a "login/password incorrect" message when entering
>>    incorrect credentials? At the moment, the page just reloads,
>>    which makes it appear as if nothing happened at all.
>>  - Why do I get a screenfull of obscure error messages when
>>  forgetting
>>    to specify a From? (ok, it starts with "no sender", but the
>>    rest will scare away any person who didn't just install the
>>    software himself)
> in the current (to-be-released-really-soon-now) version there are
> error/status messages for login/sending/... (including html5 upload
> progress).
> In the future you will be able to set the verbosity of status/error
> messages ('login failed', 'login failed: server said <foo>', 'login
> failed: full debug output').

Great, looking forward to the release :-).

>>  - How do I set a Reply-To or a Bcc address?
>>  - It seems that anything that I enter as "From" or "Save copy to"
>>    folder becomes the default for future messages. How do I
>>    prevent that?
> those will be fixed in the future - getting a decent
> preferences/settings system in place is on my todo list.

For me this would be a high priority. I have some very non-computer savy
users for which Ciderwebmail's clean, simple interface is almost ideal.
However, the chance of them accidentally messing with the From or Fcc
and the change becoming permanent is just too high.

>>  - How do I set a default From address? (preferably without having
>>  to log
>>    in manually as every user and sending a "test" mail..)
> if your users login with user at domain.com as their username you can set
>     username_default_address to true
> in your ciderwebmail configuration. this will use the username as
> default from: address.
> other than that - how would you like to set the from address? some
> external lookup? script to insert into the settings and/or pre-create
> users?

A scriptable API would of course be nice, but I was thinking more along
the lines of defaulting to user@`cat /etc/mailname`, with the real name
taking from /etc/passwd.

(Unfortunately my users login without domain)

> I am planning a multiple-identities thing so you can setup various
> from/reply-to/name combinations and choose from them when composing
> mails. it should be simple enough to provide a way to lookup things
> like that in a database/ldap server/...
>>  - How do I configure logging? At the moment it seems to dump log
>>    messages directly into apache's error.log, without indicating the
>>    date, time, or component generating the error (i.e., ciderwebmail)
> currently we use Catalyst's default log handler - clearly this is not
> sufficient... replacing it with something more advanced should be
> trivial - I'm going to take a look at this later today.

Cool, thanks!



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