[CiderWebmail] How to configure session store (or ciderwebmail in general)

Mathias Reitinger mathias.reitinger at loop0.org
Tue Sep 10 16:24:01 GMT 2013


On 09 Sep, Nikolaus Rath wrote:
>  - Why isn't there a "login/password incorrect" message when entering
>    incorrect credentials? At the moment, the page just reloads,
>    which makes it appear as if nothing happened at all.
>  - Why do I get a screenfull of obscure error messages when
>  forgetting
>    to specify a From? (ok, it starts with "no sender", but the
>    rest will scare away any person who didn't just install the
>    software himself)

in the current (to-be-released-really-soon-now) version there are
error/status messages for login/sending/... (including html5 upload

In the future you will be able to set the verbosity of status/error
messages ('login failed', 'login failed: server said <foo>', 'login
failed: full debug output').

>  - How do I set a Reply-To or a Bcc address?
>  - It seems that anything that I enter as "From" or "Save copy to"
>    folder becomes the default for future messages. How do I
>    prevent that?

those will be fixed in the future - getting a decent
preferences/settings system in place is on my todo list.

>  - How do I set a default From address? (preferably without having
>  to log
>    in manually as every user and sending a "test" mail..)

if your users login with user at domain.com as their username you can set

    username_default_address to true

in your ciderwebmail configuration. this will use the username as
default from: address.

other than that - how would you like to set the from address? some
external lookup? script to insert into the settings and/or pre-create

I am planning a multiple-identities thing so you can setup various
from/reply-to/name combinations and choose from them when composing
mails. it should be simple enough to provide a way to lookup things
like that in a database/ldap server/...

>  - How do I configure logging? At the moment it seems to dump log
>    messages directly into apache's error.log, without indicating the
>    date, time, or component generating the error (i.e., ciderwebmail)

currently we use Catalyst's default log handler - clearly this is not
sufficient... replacing it with something more advanced should be
trivial - I'm going to take a look at this later today.

> Thanks for your patience!

Thanks for your feedback!

Mathias Reitinger               <mathias.reitinger at loop0.org>

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