[DBD-SQLite] Ideas for people on a recommended namespace forDBD::SQLite enhancement packages

Adam Kennedy adamkennedybackup at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 18:02:12 GMT 2009

The main reason for the X system is "A giant project that might
potentially use all sorts of different names wants full control of
this namespace, so don't trample on anything that might be a problem

That isn't really the case here, the of all the different options
SQLiteX can probably be ruled out.

Adam K

2009/8/15 Dami Laurent (PJ) <laurent.dami at justice.ge.ch>:
> I would vote for "SQLite::" ; the fact that there are already some modules in that namespace does not prevent people from creating new modules; on the contrary.
> The DBD::SQLite:: namespace is specific for the driver, so I wouldn't recommend using that one.
> Finally, one could think of "SQLiteX::" (in the spirit of DBIx or MooseX), but I'm not sure it's a good idea, because the frontier between "applications using SQLite" and "extensions to SQLite" is not very clear; so best to put everything in the same bag.
> Cheers, Laurent D.
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>>Now that we've got a number of integration points available for
>>feeding code into SQLite's internals, I'm wondering if we should
>>consider some form of blessed or recommended namespace for people to
>>write these extensions in.
>>Are we just going to recommend SQLite:: or does anyone have
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