[Dbix-class] first post (of mine, anyway)

Darren Duncan darren at DarrenDuncan.net
Fri Jul 29 21:06:14 CEST 2005

Following Matt S Trout's invitation, I have subscribed to this list 
to take more direct part in the discussions concerning your FOSS 
successor to Class::DBI.

Now, I don't know if this is possible (I couldn't find mention of it 
in the mailman documentation), but I would appreciate the mailing 
list daemon to send me a copy of all the list messages to date, in 
single message format, date stamped with the original sender dates, 
as if I had been subscribed to the list all along.  Then I'll have my 
own elegant copy of the messages on my computer, which is what I 
prefer to send any replies to.

In case this is not possible, then I have temporarily subscribed to 
this list with a second address, in digest format.  Since this list 
is under 24 hours old, I think, hopefully the first digest will 
contain everything so far.  Will see soon enough if it worked.

BTW, yes, I am aware of the web archive, but I like to have my own 
copy too, not in HTML format.

Thanks. -- Darren Duncan

P.S. I'll soon send a reply to the thread Sam Vilan started, of 
subject "Refactoring Tangram::Expr and Tangram::Relational::Engine - 
looking for a SQL AST module", recognizing the web archive.

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