[Dbix-class] JOIN patch and inflate_columns patch

Bernhard Graf dbic2 at augensalat.de
Wed Dec 6 18:37:28 GMT 2006

Matt S Trout wrote:

> > > ISTR the inflate_column one renamed a method rather than creating an
> > > inflate_columns method that calls inflate_column as requested; did
> > > you post a version that implemented it the other way? If so, a link
> > > to the web archive pointing at the mail where you did so would be
> > > appreciated since evidently I've missed it.
> > inflate_columns is downwards compatible to the previous
> > inflate_column.
> > After patching inflate_column becomes an alias to inflate_columns.
> > Which problems do you see with this?
> What problems did you see with the way I originally proposed
> implementing it that caused you to do it differently?

I cannot find your posting where you proposed that originally.

Anyway my implementation potentially saves method calls while your
proposal adds one or more.
Bernhard Graf

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