[Dbix-class] Help with Titanic Number of Inserts

Ryan Richt rjr2 at cec.wustl.edu
Wed Jan 24 01:01:00 GMT 2007

Hey Guys and Gals...

	We are just starting a DBIx::Class project here at the Washington  
University Genome Sequencing Center in St. Louis, and __of__course__  
we choose DBIx::Class over all that other stuff ;-).

Anyway, we need to make > 112,000,000 inserts per day.  I _know_ that  
DBIx::Class is not concerned with performance, but with the  
(wonderful) design/interface/features.

However, other than wrapping it in a transaction, do you have any  
other tips on making this manageable?  Currently this would take 130  
DAYS to insert w/o transactions, and something like 30 DAYS with  

(As far as setup goes, this is currently in SQLite and soon to be  
Oracle once SQLite explodes, testing on a newer dual processor  3gig  
ram machine, and could deploy on anything from 1000+ node cluster or  
50 node cluster of Opertons or 5 x 100gig ram itanium quad processor  
machines, if that could help us in any way!).

Thank you very much!


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