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Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Sat Feb 2 07:27:58 GMT 2008

On Sat, Feb 02, 2008 at 07:14:09AM +0100, Zbigniew Lukasiak wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> Will I hear a 'thank you' from you?  I mean I've spotted the bug, sent
> test cases, analyzed the code and tried to explain how it happened
> (perhaps that was not a good explanation - but a gifted programmer as
> you should be capable of analyzing the code directly without my help),
> and your answer was insults, false accusation and a threat to ban me
> from this list.  Is that encouraging other potential contributors?  Is
> that even sane?  And this is not the first time that you funnel your
> frustration at me because my remarks require some intellectual effort.
> How dare I?  How a mere luser dare to have remarks that require
> intellectual effort from a code god like you?

You spotted a bug and took a week of me poking you to provide a comprehensible
explanation, in the meantime misreading the code and posting incorrect
comments, posting 2 pages of "oh my god the sky is falling don't use half of
DBIC" when it looked like you didn't get your way, were repeatedly utterly
confusing ("my remarks require some intellectual effort" is a cute euphamism
for "I utterly failed to communicate my meaning with any useful defree of
clarity" but it's still a euphamism) and finally when I tried to get you on
track refused twice to actually work within the framework set up so we could
have a useful discussion.

In fact, you didn't start being practically helpful until the threat to
temporarily revoke your posting rights (which is not "banning you" by any
means), at which point three emails later -I- finally managed a one-paragraph
summary that you could have posted in the first place and avoided all the
wasted time.

Trying to get you to express your ideas clearly so we can actually have
a discussion around them is not "funneling my frustration" at you. It's
trying to get a useful technical discussion going so your efforts lead to
improvement in the project rather than going to waste.

I'm sorry you've taken it so personally but when you ignore polite requests
and do respond to insults and threats, my choices are to insult and threaten
you or to exclude you from the discussion - and I'm trying to avoid that
last resort because your contributions have proved valuable.

Thank you for all your effort on this, but -please- try and be more concise
and precise next time round - a little more english composition effort on
your part would have avoided all of this and we'd already be putting a dev
release out with the fruit of your efforts in it :)

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