[Dbix-class] Using Test::TestCoverage v0.08 with DBIC v0.08102

Renee Bäcker mailinglisten at renee-baecker.de
Fri May 8 16:34:39 GMT 2009


Anthony Gladdish schrieb:
> Has anyone else experienced this with Test::TestCoverage, or can anyone tell me if this should be happening and suggest a work around or solution such as "don't use Test::TestCoverage".

As a workaround, you can use this method:

test_coverage_except( $module, @subs );

test_coverage_except( 'DBIC::module', '<relationship>_rs', ... );

If you can send me a small test case, I can work on a better solution.

> Thanks in advance,
> Anthony



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