[Handel] Handel 0.99_06 Released

Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Sat Aug 26 04:06:06 CEST 2006

THe latest dev version is out. We're getting close. I'm done futzing
with storage I think, and the Catalyst Models/Model Helpers have been
reworked. All tests pass (except for perl_critic.t). Tomorrow I start on
the rest of the Cat code.

    * Simplified Storage->setup and removed clear/reset nonsense
    * Added Spanish lexion provided by Diego Kuperman
    * Abstracted Iterator and added subclasses for lists, DBIC
resultsets and storage results
    * Added result_iterator_class to Base using default of
    * Storage now leaves DBIC result_class alone and returns
Handel::Iterator::DBIC iterators for search/search_items
    * Cart/Order now use Handel::Iterator::Results iterator
    * Split DBIC specific storage into Storage::DBIC w/ massive tests
    * Started moving news tests to Handel::Test w/ better db deploy/var
    * Split Manual Storage into Storage/Storage::DBIC
    * Added param checks to many Storage methods
    * Replaced old Makefile warnings w/ mention of Test::More and
DateTime compares
    * Added Perl::Critic tests for my personal gratification. None pass
yet. :-)
    * currency_columns gets/sets list instead of arrayrefs to better
match generic columns/primary_columns
    * Bumped DBIC requirement to 0.08 (use -current for now)
    * Reworked Catalyst Helpers for Models (Controllers are still broken)


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