[html-formfu] UTF-8 data and FormFu

Carl Franks fireartist at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 13:59:37 BST 2008

2008/7/23 ivorw <ooe5-kj0i at xemaps.com>:
> I have a problem whereby an app of mine is behaving differently on
> different boxes. The app is using Catalyst and HTML::FormFu.
> The app has a form with a textarea, and when I type any non-ASCII
> characters, I get different results.
> On one machine (my dev machine) I type a pound sign or an accented
> letter, and this is passed back to my application as it is, i.e. £.
> On the other machine, the character is encoded in UTF-8, and appears to
> the application as £
> Through debugging, I've worked out that the first machine is doing the
> right thing, and is receiving a UTF-8 string. I can use substr to
> identify that it is correctly processing the characters as UTF-8.
> I've configured the second box to have the same default locale, but it's
> still failing.
> Any thoughts?

As far as I know, the server's locale shouldn't make any difference.
Firstly, follow all the instructions in HTML::FormFu::Manual::Unicode.
If you're still having problems after that, there's an example Cat app
in the HTML-FormFu distribution in examples/unicode/
Try running that on both servers to make sure you get the expected
results on both.


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