AW: [html-formfu] Localize value

Stefan catalyst at
Tue Sep 13 11:29:57 GMT 2011

Found now a better solution for the single Radio-Buttons:

I use them in a Radiogroup and remove the border by css.


I think the problem with options localization can be solved like this:


    - type: Radiogroup

      name: breakfast

      label_loc: breakfast


        - value: '1'

          label_loc: yes

        - value: '0'

          label_loc: no


The same with the select field:
    # Request type

    - type: Select

      name: type

      label_loc: type


        - value: '1'

          label_loc: request

        - value: '2'

          label_loc: booking


So this solution works.

Don't know if there is a better solution.


But thanks anyway!!



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