[MojoMojo] Invalid Args('') for action attachment/defaultaction

Mateu X Hunter hunter at missoula.org
Sat Jun 20 14:20:22 GMT 2009

It would be good if anyone wants to improve the Markup situation, but Sam if you want a solution now why not use Textile as we discussed.  It handles <code> and <pre> as you wish.  I use it regularly for technical documentation and it suits my need quite well including HTML, SQL, and Perl code snippets.

- mateu

|  Thanks for your help Mateu.  I ran into a few more issues but eventually got
|  it up and running.
|  I'm in the process of writing up my findings to create a little how-to and
|  possibly suggest some improvements.  In the process I've discovered that it
|  doesn't appear to be possible to put angle brackets and ampersands in code
|  blocks.
|  If you look at the Markdown page here:
|  http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/basics you'll see near the
|  bottom of the page that the idea of a <pre><code>blah</code></pre> block is
|  to have any angle brackets or ampersands in the "blah" text escaped to
|  ensure correct formatting.
|  If you look at the source of e.g. your troubleshooting page on mojomojo.org
|  and search for "wonky" you'll see an example of text that's been quoted
|  without its angle brackets getting escaped.  It's OK in this case because
|  they're greater-than signs, but this problem means it's impossible to quote
|  e.g. XML in a block quote.
|  This is a pretty serious problem for me because I was planning on using
|  MojoMojo to build a fairly large set of technical documentation.  I intend
|  to quote a lot of code snippets, shell scripts, SQL and so forth, so the
|  block quotes in the Markdown need to work flawlessly!
|  I'm guessing this problem isn't MojoMojo's fault.  When I get some more time
|  I'll have a play with calling some of the Markdown modules directly from a
|  test program in Perl to see if that's where the bug lies.  If so I'll get in
|  touch with the authors.
|  Cheers,
|  Sam
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