[northwestengland.pm] Members Page and the nwe.pm website

Mark Keating mdk at shadowcatsystems.co.uk
Tue Jan 20 17:43:52 GMT 2009

Hey all.

northwestengland.pm has a website located at:


It is in its infancy (in terms of content and design) and I am hoping  
we can develop it over the coming weeks/months to reflect our group  
and the things we are doing. With that in mind there is a Members page  
where you can be added. This is completely voluntary, if you wish to  
just display your name with no further details then that is fine, or  
if you'd like to display a random image and some random text that is  
also good. It is your choice, i will just reserve the right to edit  
anything too profane :)

If you need a location to send the images/text to, then please use:


I will have my camera at the meetings and for some technical  
presentations I will be hoping to record some stuff and post selected  
items. Thanks for your time and I look forward to seeing you all next  
Wednesday in Preston.

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