[CiderWebmail] How to configure session store (or ciderwebmail in general)

Nikolaus Rath Nikolaus at rath.org
Tue Sep 10 02:14:49 GMT 2013

Stefan Seifert <nine at detonation.org> writes:
> Btw. thank you for bearing with us. You give us very valuable feedback that 
> will allow us to make things much smoother for future users. Plenty of work to 
> do but it will be worth it :)

Hmm. Ok, you asked for it :-).

 - Why isn't there a "login/password incorrect" message when entering
   incorrect credentials? At the moment, the page just reloads, which
   makes it appear as if nothing happened at all.

 - How do I set a Reply-To or a Bcc address?

 - It seems that anything that I enter as "From" or "Save copy to"
   folder becomes the default for future messages. How do I prevent
 - How do I set a default From address? (preferably without having to log
   in manually as every user and sending a "test" mail..)

 - Why do I get a screenfull of obscure error messages when forgetting
   to specify a From? (ok, it starts with "no sender", but the rest will
   scare away any person who didn't just install the software himself)

 - How do I configure logging? At the moment it seems to dump log
   messages directly into apache's error.log, without indicating the
   date, time, or component generating the error (i.e., ciderwebmail)

Thanks for your patience!



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