[CiderWebmail] Full text search?

Mathias Reitinger mathias.reitinger at loop0.org
Sun Sep 15 06:20:04 GMT 2013


On 14 Sep, Nikolaus Rath wrote:
> When running a traffic dump, I found the following conversation between
> ciderwebmail and the imap server when searching for "match":

are you certain that this is a complete dump - it looks as if things
are missing...

You can pass the IMAP_DEBUG=1 environment variable to CiderWebmail -
it will dump the complete IMAP conversation. 

You should have a ciderwebmail_server.pl that you can use:

IMAP_DEBUG=1 ciderwebmail_server.pl -d -p 3000

will run a ciderwebmail server on port 3000 with full debugging
including IMAP.


Mathias Reitinger               <mathias.reitinger at loop0.org>

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