[northwestengland.pm] Leeds list (was: IRC Server Software)

Marcus marcus.smith at home.se
Thu Feb 18 21:35:33 GMT 2010

Smylers wrote:

<a question about IRC servers>

> PS:  Is there anybody on the Leeds list who hasn't transferred
> themselves to the NW England list?  If not, I'll stop cross-posting.

Good question. I'm new to both lists, and I have to say that from the
point of view of someone keen to find a local PM group, it took a while
for me to work out what's going on here:

I'm based in York.  http://www.pm.org/ gives my nearest group as
Leeds.pm ... but http://leeds.pm.org/ seems to be down.  Wondering if
maybe this branch is no longer active, I tried the next nearest group,
Northwestengland.pm.  This group seems to be *very* active - but states
in the very first paragraph on their homepage that if you live in
Yorkshire you should really go to Leeds.pm, not them.

Both groups have mailing lists, but the Leeds list archives are not
available to non-subscribers.  So the only way I was able to establish
that Leeds.pm is in fact no longer active and has been incorporated into
Northwestengland.pm was to sign up to the lists and go through the
archives. (The Northwestengland.pm archives are open to non-members, but
the merger does not appear to be mentioned there.)

Anyway, I hadn't planned to introduce myself with a grumble.  Sorry. :(

best wishes,

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