[northwestengland.pm] Leeds list

iain iainhubbard at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 19 09:41:17 GMT 2010

Marcus wrote:
> I'm based in York.  http://www.pm.org/ gives my nearest group as
> Leeds.pm ... but http://leeds.pm.org/ seems to be down.  Wondering if
> maybe this branch is no longer active, I tried the next nearest group,
> Northwestengland.pm.  This group seems to be *very* active - but states
> in the very first paragraph on their homepage that if you live in
> Yorkshire you should really go to Leeds.pm, not them.
Im far from an expert on the leeds.pm but I think its kind of inactive 
and that the remaining members were going to try and attend the nwe.pm 

I guess the homepage should no longer send people to leeds.pm. I will 
prod somebody on IRC to update the site. IRC is a good way to get in 
touch by the way. (irc.perl.org #northwestengland.pm)
> Anyway, I hadn't planned to introduce myself with a grumble.  Sorry. :(

No problem, its a shame you couldnt get to the social meet last night, 
we could have bought you a drink to cheer you up :)


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