[northwestengland.pm] IRC Server Software

Carl Johnstone carl.johnstone at gmgrd.co.uk
Fri Feb 19 09:44:12 GMT 2010

Smylers wrote:
> Yeah, we have an internal Jabber server, which authenticates using
> Ldap.
> But because IM is directly interrupting one individual, and demanding
> an
> answer right now, people can be relucant to use it unless they're
> stuck
> on something.  Or they have to try several folk in turn until they
> find
> the 'right' one.  Or they get an answer, but somebody else who wasn't
> included would've had something germane to add had they known.
> So I'm seeing if IRC will work better for some kinds of in-team
> communication.  Possibly we'll want separate Perl and C# channels, but
> I'm thinking of starting with just one and seeing what happens.

Yeah pretty much the same as us - we've always used IM in-team, but we've 
had various attempts to push the adoption of IRC so we can have group 
conversations rather than the same few always being bugged with questions.

As far as IRC clients, in my experience it was quite hard to get some of the 
team members to keep their IRC client window open. We'd have a flurry of use 
which slowly dropped off as people stopped opening their client. However 
we've had a bunch more luck recently by using the IRC feature of Pidgin - 
most of the team were already using it for IM so already have it open all 
the time. You can set it to leave you in the IRC channel even when you close 
the window etc.


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