[northwestengland.pm] Leeds list

Marcus Smith marcus.smith at home.se
Fri Feb 19 13:11:52 GMT 2010

iain wrote:
> Im far from an expert on the leeds.pm but I think its kind of inactive 
> and that the remaining members were going to try and attend the nwe.pm 
> meets.

Thanks for the clarification!

> I guess the homepage should no longer send people to leeds.pm. I will 
> prod somebody on IRC to update the site. IRC is a good way to get in 
> touch by the way. (irc.perl.org #northwestengland.pm)

Thanks!  I'll check it out.

>> Smylers wrote:
> Welcome to the group, and thanks for eventually persevering to find
> us. Feel free to post round a little more about yourself and what
> you're doing with Perl. And we look forward to meeting you some time.

Thanks.  I'll try to make the next meeting. :)

best wishes,

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