[northwestengland.pm] Leeds list

Carl Johnstone carl.johnstone at gmgrd.co.uk
Fri Feb 19 13:07:58 GMT 2010

Smylers wrote:
> Do we have dates for future meetings yet (or is there a pattern to
> them I should've spotted)?

We've adjusted it this year to 3rd Thurs in every month (IIRC) alternating 
between social (even months) and technical (odd months). Anyway the dates 
for the next few meetings are:

18th March - Technical (Manchester)
15th April - Social (TBC)
20th May - Technical (TBC)
17th June - Social (TBC)

I'm fairly sure Ian/Mark have a rough plan of events and locations - they're 
going to get more stuff up on the website RSN.

If you use Facebook we have a group here: 


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